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To make Robotics available for everyone. To create an amazing learning experience. To build an amazing community of Robotics Enthusiasts and Learners. We would like to reduce the technological gap by bringing Robots for everyone.
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Hardware Kits

Our hardware kits are suited to beginners to get a hands on experience in the field. It comes with all the components, Manuals and links to our video tutorials.

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We conduct workshops on Introduction to Robotics, Introduction to Arduino MCU, Advanced Robotics etc. Currently we conduct our workshops in London and Dhaka. Please contact us to know more about it.

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Booklets and Contents to learn the field in an easier and fun way. We have multiple booklets for you to kickstart and get to know the electronics and basics of Robotics.

Online Course

Our online course will take you step by step on your journey to learning Robotics. The courses are uniquely designed for first time to advanced learners. It also comes with lots of fun and interactive quizzes to test your ability.

We teach Robotics through our interactive and fun DIY Kits. We also create regular contents about Robotics education. We have been working on Adama Robotics for last 3 years and are experienced in conducting Workshops and Robotics Competitions. We are teaching the basics of Robotics and starting with Artificial Intelligence.
"Empowering The Next Generation Through Technology"

With our Interactive Kits, Books, Booklets, Games, Courses and Workshops and our Mobile Applications. Adama Robotics provides skillsets to anyone who wants to learn about Robotics. The field of Robotics is rapidly spreading and contributing to the development of the Human Civilization. Notably in Industries, Services, Medical etc.


Dauda Barry

Cheif Executive Officer, Manager, Influencer and Entrepreneur
Dauda Barry has been involved with the field for more than 5 years. He has founded the Robotics & AI society in QMUL. He is a Proficient Programmer and AI expert. He is working on Robotics Systems Design and Application of AI in the real world NLP on the R&D

Mahadi Hasan

Chief Technical Officer, Designer, Writer, Influencer
Mahadi is responsible for the design and build of the robots. He has been involved in the field for more than 3 years. He is also an Entrepreneurship enthusiast and course coordinator, Writer and Influencer in the field of Robotics and Entrepreneurship.

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